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How to write a press release
Getting news and information into the newspaper often requires writing a press release. Here are some tips for doing that well.

Provide the basics:
Every press release should answer the Five W’s – Who, What, Where, When and Why.

Be specific:
For events, tell exactly what is planned and who is invited. For announcements, tell what happened and when to whom and why it is important.

Be complete:
Don’t forget to include the time, date, place, directions, and cost, if applicable. Try to include everything the reader needs to know.

Be concise:
If possible, keep the press release to a single page or less.

Be factual:
Provide information, but don’t embellish or offer opinions.

Be timely:
To publicize and event, sent the press release to the newspaper atleast two weeks in advance. For an announcement or similar type of new, send the press release when the news has just happened, not weeks or months later.